Thursday, December 13, 2012

A mysterious package arrives...!

What could it be? It was from one of my publishers, so that was a clue. They usually send things without any notice, just assuming I'll be home. Which I generally am, as opposed to jetting around the globe. Anyway, it was a nice surprise to see…
…the paperback version of my spring book Seeing Symmetry. That's pretty quick to have paperbacks already. I'm hoping it means that lots of schools will be ordering classroom sets (smile). In case anyone hasn't rummaged through my web site lately, there is a large activity pack in PDF form that goes with this book. Anyway, it was a nice surprise to get these today, so yay!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter Holidays Teaching Tips & Freebies ebook

Ho, ho, here for a holiday gift for teachers! It's a free ebook with dozens of seasonal tips and links to free classroom resources. Here is a preview of my page, which has a link to my Winter Symme-TREE activity.
This ebook is for PreK and Kindergarten, then there are several more for other grade levels. They are in PDF format so all you need is Adobe Reader.

Let's all try to have a low-stress December!
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