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Amazing Plant Powers: How Plants Fly, Fight, Hide, Hunt, & Change the World shows readers the ways that plants use stems, roots, leaves, thorns, flowers, seeds, and other structures to adapt to the environment they live in. Co-author Andrew Schuerger has a Ph.D. in plant pathology (and is my husband!)

For reviews and project ideas, please visit this page on my web site.

Jack & the Hungry Giant Eat Right with MyPlate begins the same way as the traditional fairytale. Instead of eating Jack, the giant cooks him a healthy meal. The book is a fun introduction to the MyPlate nutrition program...the illustrations show Jack surrounded by huge blueberries, carrots, cheese, and more. For more images from the book, visit this page on my web site.

Here is the book section on my web site.

Nice things people are saying about my books:

From The Miss Rumphius Effect blog, a post about what the author loves about nonfiction picture books vs. what drives her “crazy.”

A Classroom Book Publishing Project using Look at My Book on Scholastic’s blog.

The Money Wizdom site offers many resources including a weekly email to teach kids age 5–8 about handling money.
Their page about using Follow the Money as a jumping off point.

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy has chapters in every state with resources for teaching kids from Pre-K through college-age about how to deal with money.

The state of Vermont is using Follow the Money in their statewide program. This page on the State Treasurer site has activities and lesson plans for free download.
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