Friday, December 9, 2011

Make a Symme-TREE: a free Winter or Christmas holiday tree printable activity

I’ve been busy in the last few days making activity pages for my spring 2012 book, Seeing Symmetry. There is a very cool site called Teachers Pay Teachers that has about a zillion free and paid lesson plans, slide shows, and other classroom materials. Students can make a symmetrical Christmas holiday or winter tree out of squares and rectangles with this printable activity. They measure and mark a line of symmetry on construction paper then cut out, sort, and arrange the shapes. The snowflakes will help them center each shape along the line of symmetry. It’s great for math centers and instructions are included. To download this FREE 3-page PDF, please click to visit my “store.”

Cover shows coloring example
Also available is this FREE line symmetry cowboy boot printable coloring page.

The idea is for students to color in each boot so they are mirror images of each other.  Complete directions are included.



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