Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lists of recommended picture books

It’s always nice to find my books on a list... that’s how the word-of-mouth spreads about children’s books, from what the publishers say. Here are a few that I came across recently:

A list of the 10 Best Elementary Math Trade Books, featuring my Fraction Action.

Five books plus ideas and resources for teaching fractions to 2nd graders on Open Wide, Look Inside.

A nice list of math books plus lesson plan ideas, including my Missing Math.

Favorite Books for Third-Graders is quite an extensive list from the GreatSchools Book Nook Experts. They include my Mapping Penny’s World in the section called Books About School.

A short post called Learning Coin Values with Money Bingo that mentions my Follow the Money.

Top 20 Earth Day Activities and Books is comprised of two nice lists, including The Great Trash Bash on the Educationtipster blog.

Books About the USA shows the jackets and describes the content of each book, including Celebrate the 50 States.

If anyone spots a book of mine on a list, please let me know, TIA!

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