Friday, August 27, 2010

Water-themed picture books

The not-yet-released book Splish Splash! by Amy Schimler looks like a cute book. I haven’t met Amy personally, but a mutual artist friend Joyce Shelton told me about her. It’s a board book with an interactive feature... to see two interior spreads and find out more about it, check out this post on her blog.

Sketches and finishes from an upcoming book about the effect of climate change on the ocean can be seen on Stephen Aitken’s blog.

You can see some gorgeous watery artwork on Janeen Mason’s website from Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles. I worked a tropical fish puzzle of hers once and it was amazing to see the detail she puts in her artwork.

You have to go visit this site for Ocean Soup: Tide-Pool Poems written by Steve Swinburne and illustrated by Mary Peterson, it couldn’t be more charming. Bubbles rise, crabs jump out, and more. I blogged about her approach to the book on I.N.K. (Interesting Nonfiction for Kids) in the post Illustrating Nature.

I have a partial ms. with an ocean theme... hmmm, maybe I need to get busy on that one. These are just a few that caught my eye...if anybody has other favorite watery picture books, feel free mention them in the Comments.

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