Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Basket Craftivity

A year or two after graduating from college, I made a list of career goals and one of them was to create craft books. While a few of my earliest picture books had some crafts included, for the most part that interest of mine has been on the back burner. Now that the digital age is upon us, it's much easier to test ideas online and see how it goes. Since December, I've been posting free and priced products on my Teachers Pay Teachers store and have sold quite a few things. Thousands of my freebies have been downloaded, which is pretty amazing.

But the real fun has been to think of an idea, design and make it, and put it online to see how people like it. No waiting for an editor to respond, no printing/shipping/etc. to deal with, just neat little electrons being exchanged amongst people with common interests. Here is the latest one, called What's In My Basket? It's a printable "craftivity" which (to me, anyway) means a craft with an educational component. This is what the basket looks like closed with the contents "peeking" out:

And here it is opened up:
For the educational part, students read and write spring-themed words, plus complete a writing prompt. A group of these would look cute on a bulletin board, don't you think? 

What gave me the idea to have the flap that opens is all those "interactive" apps that are now available for mobile phones and tablets. My theory is that there are plenty of interactive things to be done with paper, crayons, markers, and scissors, right? Click here to check out the various items in my TPT store. And if you're interested, by all means "follow" my store to be notified of new things as they are posted.

Thanks for stopping by!
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