Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeing Symmetry Book Activity Pack

Whew, I finally finished an activity pack to go with my spring picture book, Seeing Symmetry. It has two printables that will send students on a hunt for various pictures in the book, plus several activities students can do even if the book is not on hand (yet!) They can use the Super Simple Line Symmetry Locator, draw and fold lines of symmetry, trace rotational symmetry, or complete a line symmetry sort with a surprise (a silly face). In addition, there are capital letter cards and a poster to compare line and rotational symmetry:
Venn diagram comparing Line and Rotational Symmetry
Venn diagram comparing Line and Rotational Symmetry
More into is in the description here. The Preview includes a printable page for students to match various silhouettes with pictures in the book, plus the Preview shows an overview of all the pages.

There are several other free and inexpensive PDFs with a symmetry theme on my TPT store, so if teaching symmetry or just having fun with math is on your agenda, check them out. The WOW MOM Mother's Day Card has been very popular, while some of the freebies have had thousands of downloads.
Have a symmetrical Spring!

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