Monday, February 11, 2013

Art + Math = Graph Mystery Pix...and it's FREE!

I've been having tons of fun making art + math mystery pictures on graph paper with clues given in PowerPoint format. Each student gets a printed grid with row letters and column numbers so each square has an "address." It's a precursor to more advanced graphing skills. The PowerPoint is self-running so the clues change every few seconds as the kiddos color in the various squares. Here's a step-by-step graphic which explains it more fully:
This one runs about 7 minutes and is one of the simpler one so it's good to start out with. And it's FREE, so please give it a try at this link. If desired, you can change the timing or turn it off and run it manually.

I've made a couple of these so far and various skills can be highlighted in addition to using number and letter coordinates to locate each square. For example, the LVE Mystery Pix below asks students to figure out the area of each color in square units. 
Click to see the LOVE Mystery Pix in my TPT shop.
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