Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Comic Strip Templates and a Freebie for Valentine's Day!

I just finished a set of comic strip templates for students from K-12 to use for writing and art projects. There are so many ways to use summarize, for cause and effect, main idea and key details, using vocabulary words, writing a narrative or informative text, and much more. There are 28 templates plus a page of dialog/thought balloons and a page of comic style words and art elements. Here are half of the pages (you can see the rest of the templates in the Preview):
Look for the template you need on the "page finders" as shown above. The numbers in the yellow circles show which page of the PDF it's on. It's basically a visual index, which should make finding the right one easier. 

The heart freebie is located in the Preview (download it in my TPT store here) and looks like this (minus the usage tips shown here):
The heart template could be used to tell the story of how a student's parents met, a fanciful history of Valentine's Day, tips about how to be a good friend, a love letter in comic form to someone special, or anything else your students can dream up.  


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