Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making Math Fun!

In my junior high school days a guidance counselor had to listen to this confident declaration: "I'll never pursue any career that has to do with math!" Naturally I ended up being a bookkeeper for my freelance business, measuring pages, illustrations, and/or type on a daily basis, and have created over a dozen math picture books so far. It wasn't a very good estimate of my future activities, was it?

One of my primary goals has been to present the side of math to kids that is intriguing, entertaining, light-hearted...in other words, fun! In that spirit, here is a screenshot of my Making Math Fun! board on Pinterest:
This board has over 300 pins with all sorts of ideas for teaching elementary level math from place value to money to basic facts to graphing. I follow over 5,000 people/boards on Pinterest, so great ideas are added on a regular basis. 

If you'll be implementing Common Core this year, over fifty pages of teaching tips and links to freebies can be found in this FREE Common Core Math Back-to-School eBook for Grades 3-5, from a group of teacher-authors on TeachersPayTeachers. (There are similar ebooks for other grade levels and ELA topics.) Here are some pages, just to give you an idea:
The Math Content standards are cited to make it easier for teachers to find what they need. Here is a close up of my page (22), which focuses on line symmetry in Grade 4 Geometry, CCSS.Math.Content.4.G.A.3:
One of my Pinterest boards is devoted to symmetry and has hundreds of pins, if you need any more inspiration on that subject. Collecting ideas and images on a topic is a little obsession of mine which makes Pinterest my favorite place to do research on almost anything.

I hope you have plenty of fun with math in your future!

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