Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making Rainbows

I've spent several days immersed in all the colors of the rainbow...how great is that? Two of my nieces were over here a few days ago and I mentioned that one of my motivations for becoming an artist was to be able to play with color all day long! The reason for the rainbow colors was to make digital frames in variety of shapes and sizes. But why use words when a picture can show so much? Presenting my Radiant Rainbow Frames:
Here's a close-up:
As always, making something new is a learning experience, and some of these had to be redone several times. Anyway, there are 36 Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Curvy, and Star frames in 2 styles (transparent or filled with white) for 72 total. They are for personal or commercial educational use. If you need some eye-catching clip art to make posters, book covers, signs, scrapbook pages, or whatever else, this packet might be perfect! There's a free sample in the Preview in my TPT shop.

Thanks for looking!
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